The energy of ART Holding

Diego De Maio
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Diego is the force that takes visions, validates them and puts them into action, making them real successful businesses. From an early age Diego has always shown himself to be a leader capable of leading groups of people in obtaining projects with full success and satisfaction for all.

Diego is able to always know what is best for the company, he projects his intentions with respect and love on the rest of the team, obtaining an environment where the concept of work is replaced by the concept of being successful people that reach ever greater expansion while having fun.

As an entrepreneur, Diego knows the importance of work and respects business in all its forms, but at the same time he knows that it is nothing more than a way to live happily and make other people better. The work in ART Holding is not seen as a sad obligation but rather as a mean to leave the mark of our passage.

ART Holding specializes on a wide range of brands and services that have the sole purpose of making people happier, healthier, facilitating their daily life and give them a more beautiful and functional environment.

Diego has by nature the characteristics of a leader, he has been entrepreneur for over 20 year and reached his position as CEO step by step, without fear of "getting his hands dirty" with the most difficult or humble functions; he specialized in everything he did. Is with this approach that he became able to understand even better the needs of each individual team member.

Specialized in the field of computer science and programming, our CEO has a strong propensity for philosophy and art. This duality is precisely the basic structure of ART Holding; the continuous combination of the most advanced technologies with the love for beauty and care for man are what makes ART unique.