The Heart of ART Holding

Simona Fenoglio
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Simona is the one who has the vision of where ART Holding will go.
A role as key as it is sometimes imperceptible from the outside. Everything that ART Holding is today is the fruit of Simona's mind and heart. Her sensitivity, her way of seeing things and her instinct that transcends the mere and canonical aspect of an entrepreneur have allowed her to dream in a concrete way all that is now ART Holding.

Simona has a keen intuition and is able not only to see things before they happen but also to see how they will happen.

A figure that appears to stay behind the scenes but who actually acts as a big eye that watches over ART Holding.

Her role is also that of coach, at first only for Diego and now that the company has expanded, for the whole team.

Not only does she keep the visions always vivid and real, but she also keeps the team members always serene and active so that they can achieve the effective creation and success of the initial vision.